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Since this wiki is devoted to Library Routines, I will share that I always change R.T. scripts I find on the web so that the scripts I give to students have a large page number on the lower right corner, 14 font size (minimum), two column tables so there is lots of white space (column 1: character name / character 2: dialogue), and clip art. I have to teach younger kids how to turn the page (flip or turn) so everyone is all together everytime we flip the booklet or turn the page. I let the kids keep the scripts! Many like to do the scripts at home with a sibling or parent, and this is just what we want to happen! But warning: No matter how many times I edit, I always have a typo or two so please proofread before printing!! (Catherine Trinkle)
Library Orientation: Edit to suit your needs. (Catherine Trinkle)

You Can Do It (Toni Dungey book...great for first days of school.) (Catherine Trinkle)

Last Night I Dreamed of Chickens poem (Catherine Trinkle)

Dewey Decimal R.T. script

Perfect for Halloween. Kids love this very funny script that has great
opportunities for working on fluency. Dav Pilkey's The Hallowiener (Catherine Trinkle)

The Polar Express for 2 readers (I love to turn any script I can into R.T. for 2 readers
so that every kid reads a lot more! Plus, opportunities for writing your own poems at the
conclusion of the script. (Catherine Trinkle)

Me First (Okay, folks! You surely know the value of doing this read aloud
the first days of school. Here's a script to go with it. I've added page numbers,
increased the font, etc. from The Reading Lady's script. LOVE HER! (Catherine Trinkle)

Reading Lady - WONDERFUL site for scripts. They are offered in word documents
so you can edit them to add page numbers, increase the font, add
clip art, etc. (Catherine Trinkle)
The Reading Lady
Mo Willems' "Piggie and Elephant" books are FANTASTIC for readers theater with late 1st/
2nd graders. Here are some of my scripts I adapted from his books.
(Susan Eley)

Henry's Freedom Box by Ellen Levine - my adaptation of this fascinating historical fiction
book based on the true story of Henry "Box" Brown, a slave who mailed himself to freedom
in a wooden crate during the Underground Railroad era. Great for 3rd and up.
(Susan Eley)

Kick the Football Charlie Brown: Used by our 2nd grade team in the fall. May be used as appropriate with 1st & 3rd. Cute, cute!! (Catherine Trinkle)

Book, Book, Book: For grades 1-3. (Catherine Trinkle)

My Lucky Day: Do you know Keiko Kasza's books? Oh, she is good. So clever. Perfect for teaching circle stories. Originally from Japan, she now resides in Bloomington, Indiana. (Catherine Trinkle)

Listen Buddy: Another Helen Lester. Funny, clever, and a great lesson for kids grades 1-4. (Catherine Trinkle)

The Hat, by Jan Brett: external image hat_hedgehog_75.gifEverything you need for doing a Reader's Theater (or a play, complete with suggestions for props!) is right there on Jan Brett's website. See link at right. The script can be downloaded in text or PDF format. There are also beautiful illustrations of the characters that can be printed off and made into masks or puppets for the readers to use, or for you to use in retelling of the stories. (Regina Hartley)
Reader's Theater for The Hat
The Umbrella, by Jan Brett: Another great Reader's Theater from external image umbrella_mask_frog_100.jpgJan Brett's website. Perform this Reader's Theater when your students are studying the rain forest or biomes. Thanks to Cathy Hammett, Limestone Central Elementary School, for adapting the script from Jan's book. (Regina Hartley)
Reader's Theater for The Umbrella
The Mitten by Jan Brett
(Keisa Williams)
My Reader's Theater Bookmarks on Delicious (Keisa Williams)
schoollibrarianbookmarks- Reader's Theater Resources
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