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Here's a page to share all the funny things that we see in the library every day--you know, the things that help to make our job the best job in the building! :)

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As anyone who has ever run an elementary book fair knows, the last sale day is filled with counting pennies that students have dug out of their piggy banks in order to buy that one last Pokemon pencil or rubber alien eraser. This year, it was literally about 10 minutes before the end of sale time, and one of our 4th graders rushed down to make his last purchases. He picked out about $9 worth of books and treasures, and stepped up to the register, satisfied. My heart fell as I saw him pull out a wad of small coins wrapped in messy Saran Wrap, but I needn't have worried! He had ingeniously configured his coins in little $1 pouches in the plastic wrap, ending up with an octopus-shaped bundle of coins. It made me laugh out loud and I had to take a picture of it! I love kids. They do such amazing things! (jamie camp)
"When Good TVs Go Bad." We had a new substitute at my former school several years ago. Her lesson plan was easy--check out a TV on a cart from the library and show a video to the classes. Return the TV at the end of the day. The classroom was upstairs and I lent her the TV and the elevator key in the morning. At the end of the day, she returned to the library with the TV and its cart. She looked pretty frazzled. As she was leaving, I took a look at the TV (one of those large, heavy ones) and it was perched on the cart UPSIDE DOWN! I caught her to ask what happened. Somehow the belt had come off the TV, and when she got the cart onto the elevator, the electrical cord was dragging on the floor. The plug had caught between the doors, so as she and the cart went downstairs, the TV was lifted up towards the ceiling of the elevator. Somehow, she got the TV back onto the cart after the entire cord was ripped out. She had been alone on the elevator, until her shouting brought another teacher to assist her. She was just going to leave the upside-down TV in the library without an explanation! It was an interesting work repair order to write up for that TV. (Regina Hartley)

A group of students were reading a book about the planets. When they got to Pluto, one girl emphatically exclaimed, "But Pluto is extinct!!!"
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