End of the Year

What's on your End of the Year TO DO list?


End of the Year TO DO List

Nancy Alibrandi

Overdue Blabber. Gwyneth Jones (MD) created a great public service announcement using an image of Justin Bieber.
Justin Bieber has overdue books!

Examples of Annual Reports from the schoollibrarywebsites wiki

Successes! (And Goals) Semester Report as a Blog Post by the Piper High School Media Center Librarian, Meghan Stigee
Melissa Davis

Retire / Replacement Questions you might want answers to

Here is a list I collected from LM_NET colleagues on questions your replacement really need answers for. It was written for the retiring/leaving librarian, but the incoming librarian could certainly use it to get an idea what to ask about. It was written in MS Office Word 2003.