Library Brochures, Bookmarks, & Book Plates

Do you have an awesome brochure or bookmark template that you created for your library? Share it here. There is no reason for any of us to start from scratch. Share your work here. If you remix a brochure or bookmark you found on this site, share that too!




Youth Services/Book Eval

These templates are provided by the Highlands Regional Cooperative (NJ). Personalize the following documents (in the area indicated) with your school's contact information and print them out to make available to your students! (Note: This website recently lost its funding. If the link is broken, try the archived link).
(Keisa Williams)

Monarch Library Brochure from 2007

When I began at Monarch I was the Librarian and After School Read180 teacher. This schedule reflected my 1/2 day library schedule back then. (Keisa Williams)

Bookmarks & Book Plates

On the Education World Website
(Keisa Williams)
Download here.

5-Finger Test Bookmark

On the Mrs. Pancake website.
(Keisa Williams)
5-Finger Test Bookmark

Explore New Frontiers...Read!

During the year of Lewis & Clark's Expedition's 200th anniversary, our library used this theme. I am posting the bookplates that I used for that theme here and will link to it from the bookplates page. They're formatted for use with the Avery 8254 labels. I embedded the fonts in this document, so I hope it comes out looking right for you. When I look at it on my Windows machine, all looks well, but when I use Word on my Mac, it is messed up. :( So, just for information's sake, it uses Papyrus font, 18 pt. (jamie camp)

Go Wild for Reading!

We used this theme one year and it was a blast! Great theme for elementary! These are the Birthday Book Club bookplates. Again, I've embedded the fonts in this powerpoint, but if it doesn't look right to you, I used Papyrus in this file too--16 pt and 11 pt. (jamie camp)

Explore New Worlds...Read!

This was our "space" theme one year. These are the Birthday Book Club bookplates. Again, I've embedded the fonts in this powerpoint, but if it doesn't look right to you, I used Papyrus in this file too--16 pt 14 pt and 10 pt. (jamie camp)

Travel the World...Read Good Books!

This theme was such a hit that we kept it for a 2nd year! Traveling fits in so well with social studies concepts, and with multicultural studies, that it became the theme for the counselor's program the 2nd year, as she worked with our students to get a No Place for Hate designation for our campus.
Our library mascot, Ben Fur the Book Loving Bobcat travelled with many of our teachers during the summer and the school year, as they went interesting places. When they brought their pictures back to me, we ran contests & students tried to guess where he was in the pictures. It was fun. I bought just about every Beanie Baby lynx available on Ebay that year so that we had enough bobcats to travel everyplace! LOL!
I can't find my bookplates for this theme--I think they were lost in a hard drive crash! YIKES! Back up your stuff!
So. I'm embedding a jpg of what the bookplate looked like. (jamie camp)




This year, our theme in the library is a "groovy" one! We really thought this one up b/c we wanted to buy tie-dye shirts to wear on spirit days! LOL!
I haven't come up with all the bookplates and stuff yet, but when I do, I'll post them! (jamie camp)


Prior Knowledge Bookmark

On the Into the Book website. (Keisa Williams)
Mrs. Pingel's Prior Knowledge Bookmark (PDF) Print on legal or ledger paper.

Reader's Response Bookmark

On the Into the Book website. Great response starters like: What I read makes me think about..., I was surprised that..., I wonder why the author..., and MORE! (Keisa Williams)
Linda's Reader Response bookmarks (PDF)

Discussion Starters Bookmark

On the Open Court Resources website. (Keisa Williams)
Discussion Starter Bookmarks
by Mayte Acuna

Beanie Baby Strategies Bookmark

This is a part of a fabulous idea to use beanie babies to teaching reading strategies. Information about this method, strategies, posters, and more. (Keisa Williams)
Decoding Strategies Bookmarks

Bookmarks, Charts, Posters, and Classroom Library Materials

Mrs. Gurian of Plumm Elementary shares her classroom resources. Here you will find: Reader's Toolkit, Reading and Thinking Strategies Bookmark, 5 Finger Bookmark, Retelling/Story Elements Bookmarks, When to use a Post-it Note Bookmark, Calendar Poster, Inferring Poster, Visualizing Poster, Main Idea and Details Poster, Summarizing Poster, Book Report Booklet, Reading Strategy Chart, Class Conferencing Template, Running Record Assessment, Guided Reading Posters, and Home Reading Log. (Keisa Williams)
Bookmarks, Charts, Posters, and Classroom Library Materials


My students want bookmarks all the time, and I sometimes buy special bookmarks from Demco or Upstart for special occasions for them. That's too expensive for everyday though, so I've started creating pretty ones from 12"x12" scrapbook paper. You can buy a huge pad of various patterns (144 pages, I think), usually for $19.99 at craft stores. I use coupons and look for sales, and it always turns out considerably less. I get 12 bookmarks (2"x6") out of each page--takes a of time to cut on the paper cutter, but not a big deal. The kids LOVE them! They collect the patterns they think are the prettiest. I don't put them out all the time--just every 2-3 weeks or so. We don't seem to find quite as many of them forgotten in books either. :) (jamie camp)

Keyboard Shortcut

"Keyboard shortcuts can greatly increase your work efficiency. To help you learn the basic shortcuts for word processing, print out this bookmark sized prompt cart and blu-tac it to the side of your monitor for easy reference"
Keyboard Shortcut Bookmarks

Library Posters

Meet the Library Fairy"Most schools have a Library Fairy. She fixes printers - battles recalcitrant library systems - stacks shelves - gives information processes lessons - maintains the school website - encourages people to respect copyright - finds books hidden on shelves - picks rotting pieces of fruit out from between the pages of the returned books - listens to excuses she has heard a million times before - deals with direct sellers etc, etc. I'm sure you know the drill. So here is a little poster designed to make the Library Fairy's life just a little easier. The idea is that the kids print out the poster, stick it to their fridge and then ignore it ;) "