Bathroom Procedure

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Bathroom Breaks

Bathroom breaks are built into the daily schedule at my school. If someone asks to go, I say, "This is library time, not bathroom break time" up front. We don't have a student bathroom near the library. Many times the student just wants to avoid something or dawdle. If the student persists, and the teacher is present, I have the student ask him/her, not me. Otherwise, one at a time and return quietly. Some librarians have a bathroom pass system. I've done that at the middle school level, but not at elementary. Too many germs. (Regina Hartley)

Our bathrooms are very close to the library, and if a student asks to go to the bathroom, I usually just let them go. We've not had any real problems. It's much better than having urine on our new carpet! :\
(Jamie Camp)

Hand Signal

Students use a hand signal (the same signal they use in the classroom during testing) when they have to go. I let them go 2 at a time, whenever they want to go. I've had too many accidents on the carpet :(
(Keisa Williams)

Students are told to silently put up one finger. When I notice them, I silently give a signal to go. One student at a time. They take a pass and go. Bathrooms are close to the library. I fought bathroom breaks for 6 years. This way has the least amount of interruption. (Paula Daubert)
My personal portable carpet cleaner now lives in the library.
Little Green Machine

Sign-Out Sheet

I have a sign-out sheet on the Student Resource Center. Students don't even ask to go to the bathroom because I don't want them to interrupt my instruction. They know only one person is allowed to go at a time, and they know the routine: sign out with the time they left, take a pass, go, sign back in with the time and come back to the task at hand. It works pretty well. If kids are going too often I have a record of it and how long they are spending in the bathroom. I can talk to them about it later.

Sign-Out Sheet

My procedure is similar to the above with grades 4-6. Students sign in and out of the library (we have a flexible schedule). If they need to use the bathroom or go to the nurse's office, they note the time in the margin of the sign-out sheet and put a check mark next to it when they come back. I want students to ask permission to leave the library (I tell them an adult should always know where they are in the building in case of an emergency). I prefer to have only one student out of the library at a time if possible. In my other school, grades Preschool-Three, I just have them ask permission and then let them go because it's usually an emergency.
(Nancy Alibrandi)
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Bathroom Pass/Sanitizer
Each student is required to ask permission. One boy and one girl is allowed (unless emergencies). I have a girls' pass and a boys' pass hung by velcro at the exit door. Above the pass on a shelf each gender has a sanitizer bottle for their use. When they leave for the restroom the pass goes on the shelf by the sanitizer, they are to do their business, wash hands and return to class. I encourage the use of hand sanitizer! When they return they are to replace the bathroom pass on the velcro. I would like to suggest taking a trip and showing the younger kids where the restroom is for media class, this alleviates many problems! (Stephanie Torczon-Essien)