Research Processes

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This page will introduce you to the I-Search research approach. (Catherine Trinkle)

Teaching Research Strategies Grades 1-12

This took me several years to develop & is based on I-Search and definitely founded on reading comprehension strategies. It is just exactly the steps I take when teaching research to students and works for grades 1 -12. I recently discovered Bib Me for building Bibliographies and I like it better than Citation Machine: so I would make this change next time I teach research. (Catherine Trinkle)


Here is a chart I use, a variation of the popular KWL chart. (Catherine Trinkle)

Narrowing a Topic

Many students choose a topic that is too broad (sometimes too narrow). Here is a lesson to help students with the skill of narrowing a topic. This also works to teach students how to come up with keywords to uyse when looking for print and online resources. (Catherine Trinkle)

I like this information-problem solving process because it not only helps students to do research - it can be applied to any real life problem that requires information to solve. (Nancy Alibrandi)
The Big6
Super3 for grades K-2
More info and resources
All the Information in the Known Universe
Be sure to share this interactive tutorial from the Kentucky Virtual Library with your students -climb aboard the research rocket and find great explanations and fun graphics for each step of the research process. (Nancy Alibrandi)
Kentucky Virtual Library Research Portal
Text only version
Research and Citations from Oregon School Library Information System
Great resources from the Oregon School Library Information System:
I Need to Learn ... How to Do Research
Free MLA Citation Maker from Oregon School Library Information System
(Nancy Alibrandi)
I Need to Learn ... How to do Research

MLA Elementary Citation Maker

Elementary Research Models

Research units from the Baltimore County Public School System. (Keisa Williams)
Elementary Research Models

Better Powerpoint & Better Research

Although this is a High School media center, great information here! (Keisa Williams)
A Blog Series by Meghan Stigge, Librarian, Piper High School Media Center
Better Powerpoint & Better Research
Better Research Part I: Defining Needs
Better Research Part II: Sources
Better Research Part III: Using Quality Information
(Don't miss her Slideshare Presentations)

Kentucky Virtual Library: Research for Kids
This is one of the best syntheses of the Big6 research process that I have seen. Except that I like it better than Big6. I think the terminology is easier for kids to understand, and the site is imminently usable! Excellent!
(jamie camp)