Renew Books

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  • I renew books as long as nobody has a hold on them. I do require that the student physically bring the book to the library to renew it. Some students may try to hide the fact that they can't find their book, and just keep on renewing. This helps me determine lost books earlier.
  • When the student is renewing the book, I'll ask about how far they've read or whether they like the book so far. Sometimes they realize it's not a book they care to finish or slog through. Then it's better to choose a new book.
  • At my middle school library, when a whole class came in, students who were just renewing were allowed to get in the checkout line first. Then they could return to their chair to resume reading. I find that elementary students don't need to renew their books so much, unless they are reading something as huge as Redwall books. (Regina Hartley)

How to RENEW a book

Bring books to the library to RENEW for an additional week.
  1. Overdue
  2. On HOLD (reserved) for another person
  3. Already renewed for the maximum number of times (2).
(Keisa Williams)
Procedure is posted.