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For many of us, preschool is a new experience, and the highlight of our day!



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Storytime Handbooks

Whatcom County Library System (Washington) saved my life when I had preschoolers in the library for the first time in 2008. The Preschool Storytime Handbook (pdf at right) has tons of guidelines and resources for implementing a successful storytime that will make you a ROCK STAR in the preschool world. I use their Theme Handbook (pdf at right) as a starting point or reference when planning storytimes. (Regina Hartley)

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Storytime routines, including songs and rhymes for transitioning students to and from storytime.
Storytime Routines Page
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Find the perfect props, fingerplays, rhymes, and songs for your storytime on our Storytime Resources page.
Storytime Resources

Preschool Library Lessons

From the Bright Hub website, "Using the book "Curious George Visits the Library" this lesson will incorporate not only important aspects of the library, but will also allow the preschoolers to use their mathematical and writing skills."
Bright Hub Lesson

Kindergarten Curriculum (1st 6 weeks UNIT)

"As young students begin public school for the very first time, they will discover the components of a harmonious classroom. Students learn how classroom procedures and safety rules help to create a balanced and stable classroom. They concentrate on getting along and working together. Students experience activities that emphasize how they are special and unique yet alike in many ways. Students will use these skills to work together to explore properties of matter."

Children's Songs & Nursery Rhymes has the largest collection of children's music on the Internet - with lyrics, videos, and music for 2,114 kid's songs and nursery rhymes. (Keisa Williams)

Baltimore County Public School's Library Media Scope and Sequence

"The Scope and Sequence outlines what students are to learn and be able to do and are based on the Maryland Learning Outcomes and the Baltimore County Public Schools Essential Curriculum. Indicators are arranged by grade level and note when information literacy skills are to be introduced, reinforced, and mastered. The following are essential guides in planning your library media instructional program and collaborating with teachers. It is suggested that you print the outlines by grade level for your own purposes. Also, share with teachers the outline specific to their grade level so that they know what information literacy skills you will be teaching to their classes."
Prek & Kindergarten Library Media Scope and Sequence (PDF) (accessed via the internet archive as the page is no longer active)

additional grade levels here.

Texas Reading Club Preschool Programs Chapter

The Texas Reading Club is designed to encourage youth to read for pleasure and to promote library usage.
A statewide theme is selected each year that emphasizes ways in which reading expands young minds and encourages children to use their imaginations. It also reminds young people that reading can be great fun.
A handbook is created each year to aid in planning and programming, and the handbook, along with posters, reading logs, bookmarks, and certificates are offered by the Texas State Library to encourage participation and support of this important program.
Texas Reading Club Preschool Programs Chapter

Adding Movement to Your Reading Lesson

Great blog post from "A Learning Experience" blog using Pat Hutchins' Rosie's Walk.

Kindergarten Library Lessons

A timeline of lesson ideas by librarian, Jennifer Francis.

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