Parent Contact

How do you stay in contact with parents? What kind of information do you share with parents? How can we get parents more involved with the library?

Method of Contact




A new way I've tried to communicate with parents this year, is that I've joined our principal, Bill Carozza, on his monthly podcasts. He begins the podcast with news and upcoming events and then we talk about technology/library related topics.
For example, in June, our topic was Summer Reading. We talked about our Summer Check Out program; Tumblebooks and other online reading resources; Kindles; Summer Reading Lists; the Town Libraries' summer reading program; and resources available through our Library Wiki.
(Nancy Alibrandi)
You can listen to the podcast here:
Bill Carozza's Podcast - HMS Podcast #23 (the library part of the podcast is from 4:52-17:52)

Library Permission Letter

From LM_Net
A link to a list of library permission letters.
LM_Net Library Permission Letters Page

Damaged Book Parent Note

This is the note I send to parents when a student's book is damaged. I'm linking to a MS Word file, in hopes that the script that I have in there to automatically change the date when you open the document will stay intact. You'll need to change the info that's red in the document to reflect your information. I am also linking an RTF version of this file, but I'm not sure the script will still work. (Jamie Camp)

Lost Book Parent Note

Here is the note that I send parents if their child loses a book & it needs to be paid for. Our district does not accept replacement books, so paying for a lost book is the only option. I'm linking to an RTF file in hopes that people on PCs and Macs will be able to open it. If you need a pdf, it's on my page. (Jamie Camp)

Replacement Book

Our students have the option of paying for a lost or damaged book, or buying a replacement copy for the library. Since payments for lost books (in my district) go to the general fund and not back to my library, I would prefer replacement books. We don't ask for the families to replace the same title book but to buy a new book from the list we make available (see file at right), which gives the titles and series of several popular books in our library. This note goes home as needed, and in the last month of school, with any child who has possibly-lost books.