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Get Wiki! Here are some wikis to get you started. Got a good one of your own? Found a great one for elementary libraries? Add them here!

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School Library Websites

Check out the Elementary Library Examples on this wiki. You'll find lots of great elementary library websites to inform and inspire you! This wiki has a wealth of information on just about everything else school-library-related. Not a member of School Library Websites yet? You should join.

Wiki Roll Call

(on School Library Websites)

Add your library wiki to this collection of school library wikis. There are categories for elementary, middle, and high schools. Go ahead and take a look at other levels to get ideas for elementary library wikis.


A great collection of library wiki pathfinders. Wiki creator, Joyce Valenza, encourages us to share our best pathfinder wikis on this site. More? Read: Ten Reasons Why Your Next Pathfinder should be a Wiki (NeverEndingSearch, SLJ, June 20, 2007)

Library Sites Bookmarks

These are not necessarily all wikis, but here are my Delicious bookmarks that I've tagged as school library sites worth revisiting! That reminds me, I need to go look at some of those again! :) (jc)

School Librarian Bookmarks

8000+ Bookmarks I collected during my 7 years of being a school librarian. Enjoy! (Keisa Williams)

LM_NET Wiki Annex

"LM_NET is dedicated to school library media specialists worldwide, and to people involved with the school library media field. Let's use this space to SHARE--our files, images, lessons, handouts, rubrics, presentations, etc.--anything that doesn't fit on the listserv. Let us demonstrate how teacher-librarians can use new landscapes to create serious professional tools." Resources cover all grade levels, including elementary!


Everything you ever wanted to know about "cool web tools" - created by school library media specialists for school library media specialists. Explains what the tool is, how it can be used in the library media center, provides links to the tools, and to tutorials to learn how to use them. Great resource for your professional development!

Web 2.0 Guru - Web 2.0 Resources

Web 2.0 Resources for 21st Century Instruction - Looking for a web 2.0 tool? This is one of the most extensive lists I've seen!

Computer Lab Activities Wiki

If you have a computer lab or laptops available in your library, check out this wiki. You will find lessons and project ideas for grades K-5.

Teach Web 2.0

Lists a variety of Web 2.0 tools and how to use them with students.

Vicki's Info Wiki

School Library Resources. Sections: Books Online, Cataloging Help, Funding Help, Inspiration, Library 2.0, Library Design, Orientation Ideas, NatLib Resources, Reading, Research, Online Learning, Organizations, & Presentations.

Librarian Edge

Elementary Library resources compiled by Katie Day. (Twitter @librarianedge)

Elementary Librarian

From her About Me page: Welcome to! I am Jocelyn, an Elementary Librarian (Library Media Specialist) and Educational Technology advocate. I started this website because my state recently switched to the Common Core standards, and I wanted my elementary library lesson plans to be aligned to those standards. I have constantly been on the lookout for library lesson plans that incorporate the Common Core standards and the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) standards. I could not find exactly what I was looking for, so I decided to spend my summer (and beyond) creating it! Click here to view my library lesson plans!
On this website, you will find lesson plans, activities, and resource recommendations designed to integrate the Common Core standards and AASL standards into elementary libraries. School librarians are more important than ever in today’s digital world, so I hope this website will help you, the elementary librarian, teach your students the 21st Century skills they need to succeed!
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