Library Organization

Library Organization

Have any great ideas to share about how your library is organized (book arrangement)? Share them here!

Organization Method



Mapping our Library

I show how the library is divided into streets; ex. Easy street, Fiction street, Nonfiction streets, etc.
  1. There are street signs at the beginning of each street (clearly labeled on corner, ex.Fiction)
  2. Each book has a house address (Call #) to show where the author lives (easy, fiction) or content (nonfiction)
  3. Later as I teach how to use shelfmarker, introduce new authors, we discuss where they live in the library. I compare putting a book on the wrong street or house address to moving our house; will people be able to find us. Later, I can able to reinforce by asking, "does this book live here."
  4. When students write down call numbers and are locating books, I remind them if they are on the right street.
  5. When I teach how to use a shelf marker I refer to library streets, houses, addresses.
  6. Last year when kindergarten asked us to reinforce the alphabet, each student found and stood in front of the house of the author that started with the first letter of their last name. We looked at books of the some of the authors that lived there and indicated where their book would go. (Pamela Jackson)
Shelf labels, posters, signage. Would like to add Googlemap and slideshow this year. Great student project.

Mapwing Virtual Tour

I've been wanting to do this for so long. Maybe one of you will do it and post it here. Using Mapwing, you can create a virtual tour of your library.
- keisawilliams keisawilliams Nov 3, 2010
Here is an example of the Children's section of a Public Library:
Children's Library

Setting up a School Library

The many of the photos on this website were of the Monarch Academy Library, when I was the librarian there. Photos were used with my permission. - keisawilliams keisawilliams
Setting Up a School Library
Inside Monarch Academy Library