Library Centers Procedure

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Library Center Procedure

  1. Read Center Instructions
  2. Stay at your assigned center
  3. Ask 3 before you ask me.
  4. Clean up your center
(Keisa Williams)
Acrylic Stand w/ procedure posted.

The Centered School Library

Cari S. Young's book, The Centered School Library, is now available online from Upstart. It provides complete instruction for 12 different library skills centers, each with several variations, literature connections, and links to whole-group lesson ideas. These library centers are simple and work with multiple grade levels.

Her website:

Library Centers

D.L. "Dusty" Dickens Library Media Center LMT Christina Bentheim's(@tinkerbelle1025) plan for Implementing an Effective Library Media Program.
(Keisa Williams)
Christina's Blog Post about the program. You may also read/download the entire plan.

Library Centers Wiki

Create your own "Library Centers Wiki". List your "Do Now" on the board. Have students immediately log in to the library centers wiki when they arrive or after checking out . Allow them explore here or assign a specific task. The great thing about it is that you can quickly create a page to practice just about any skill you can think up. Here is my Library Centers Wiki. I've also created special pages at teacher request (Ex. Reading Online, Rocky Seashore, Solar System) They use these during computer center or choice time in the classroom. Feel free to link to any of my pages from your own website. (Keisa Williams)
I also have a page called the "Learning Lab" Where I post 3 activities the students should complete during their library visit. Most activities are related to something they are learning in class, standards-based grade level practice, ed-tech skills, reading for skill or for pleasure, or holiday fun. - keisawilliams keisawilliams Nov 11, 2010
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Great Book for implementing Library Centers

Library Centers (Google Book preview)
Library Centers

Collection of Learning Centers websites

Need some ideas for learning centers and/or managing them? You may be able to find some ideas here to adapt for your library. (Nancy Alibrandi)
Cybraryman's Learning Centers Page

Centered School Library Book via Upstart

Engaging Every Learner with Library Skills Centers Is your school library a centered school library? Many educators agree that learning centers provide an effective forum for students to explore, create and express themselves. Centers can also teach and reinforce important skills, but in a manner that empowers students by letting them control the pace. The Centered School Library invites you to tap the power of this educational approach with 12 unique, adaptable and cost-friendly learning center ideas that will help your students on their way to becoming enthusiastic and savvy library patrons. Do you have budding book reviewers or guide word gurus in your midst? What about potential shelving experts or Name That Genre contestants? With The Centered School Library, you’ll find ways to make your library — and every learner in it — shine! Grades K–5. By Cari S.