Place Books On Hold

Routine Name



Placing a book on hold

Write your request on the "hold clipboard" next to Ms. K's desk.
You must include the following information:
  1. First AND Last Name
  2. EXACT title of the book (If you do not know the title, check the OPAC)
Note: Your hold will be deleted if you have OVERDUE books
- keisawilliams keisawilliams Oct 7, 2010
Procedure is posted in an acrylic frame next to the "hold clipboard".

If students want to sign out a book, but they have overdue books already, we have students write their name and class on a post-it note, and stick it to the cover of a book. We record the date that the book was placed on hold and put it in a box near the circ desk. If the student hasn't asked for the book within the next week (usually because they haven't returned their previous book) we return the book to the shelves. In my other school, with older students, we place things on hold through our library automation system. When it comes in, we deliver it to their homeroom. (Nancy Alibrandi)

We only hold books for students with overdues for a week, following a similar procedure: we put the child's name, homeroom and library check-out number on a post-it note on the book and hold it in a standing file on my desk. On Friday afternoon, the file is cleared, and books returned to the shelves. (Laurie Bott)

Our library uses Follett Destiny so I set up an account for students in grades 3-6. Each account has a username of their first inital and last name and a password of their initials1234. I have a big sign as a reminder of how to type in usernames and passwords. Once kids log in, they can search for a title they want and place the hold themselves. They can also renew books. It has cut down on the amount of holds I have to place and also gets the kids to really take time to search the catalog and see what is available. (Steph Mills)