Exiting the Library

Routine Name



Lining up to leave the library

  • Feet on the line
  • Body is still
  • Left hand is empty (for the handrail), Right hand is holding books
  • Voices are silent
  • Eyes are forward
  • Ears are listening for instruction
  • Use the hand rail as you WALK down the stairs
(Keisa Williams)
Masking tape to mark where students should stand.
Large poster of procedure on the wall (can be viewed while in line)

Exiting to the Hallway

I've seen many variations of this chant to help students to remember to line up quietly to move through the hallways:
I'm looking straight ahead of me.
I'm standing straight and tall.
My feet are quiet* as can be,
I'm ready for the hall.
[*Instead of saying "My feet are" -I would probably substitute- "My voice is quiet as can be"]
That and a few other good ones can be found at Dr. Jean's Classroom Management page
A longer version and a wealth of other ideas can be found at this site - Classroom Management Tips and Beginning of the Year Ideas
(Nancy Alibrandi)

Lining Up

Have students recite something they learned in the library or in class as they line up. This eliminates all unnecessary talking while lining up. Things to recite:
ABC's, Counting by 2s, 3s, etc, Keyboard Poem, Library Songor any other chant they may use in class. (Keisa Williams)
PreK Line Up Songs

Dismissing Students by Table

When it's time for students to leave, I tell them to stand up, push their chairs in, and to stand behind their chairs. (That way if there is a table that is not cleaned up, or a chair that is not pushed in, I know who is responsible). If the class has a line leader, I have that student line up at the door. Then I dismiss by tables, looking for tables with quiet students that have everything picked up. (Nancy Alibrandi)

Lining Up

I found a huge caterpillar and hung it from the ceiling near the door using fishing line. When it's time for a class to line up, I say, "Line up under the caterpillar!" It is far enough back that the students aren't in the door, yet gives them a visual place to make a line.

"Read the Message" to get started

Following RESPONSIVE CLASSROOM procedures, I post a message for gr 3-5 classes. At the beginning of the year, we practice the routine of coming in to find assigned seats (for lib class, not checkout) and reading the message. Once established, every class time starts with students quietly reading the message for what we'll be doing/review of last lesson/directions to get materials, etc. (Marcia Dressel)

Line up Poem

I teach it to K - it still works in 5th grade in a playful way! (Marcia Dressel)
My hands are by my side (or my book is closed and safe)
I'm standing straight and tall,
My eyes are looking toward the door
I'm quiet for the hall.

Bullet Point Directions

After explaining directions (same day or after several weeks so we're into the routine) I'll repeat in three or four words and have students repeat back ex: "CHAIR BOOK LINE-UP" for "Push in your chair, Close your Book, Walk to line up." It helps to repeat it a few times, then have them say it back. I find that some kids keep repeating under their breath -- and I smile realizing I've just taught them a strategy for remembering. (M. Dressel)

Line up 1,2,3

Screen shot 2012-11-12 at 7.31.29 PM.png
After teaching students how to line up, reminders can be as simple as 1,2,3 with this line up sign.
(Ronda Deabler)

Book Rover

Since my students are usually leaving Media to go to another specialist, we had the problem of library books being dumped in a heap on the floor outside the gym/music room/art room/bathroom. Now, at the end of each class, we put all the books in the "Book Rover." (It's just a cart with two bins decorated to look like a robot). Each time the students attend media, I choose 2 new responsible students to take the book rover back to their classroom at the end of the period. The kids love the special privilege of pushing the Book Rover and the books don't get stepped on in the hallways!