Discussion Protocols

Routine Name



Name Sticks

  • For PreK or Kindergarten. Or as needed depending on class dynamics.Younger kids are learning how to share the speaking floor with others, and it helps when each child gets called on. Otherwise, some kids might monopolize all your attention. A very wise preschool teacher gave me the name sticks and pails for AM and PM classes already made up!
  • Write each child's name on a craft stick and keep the them in a little cup or pail marked with the teacher's name.
  • Keep the sticks near you during the storytime or lesson and when there are questions to ask or activities to perform, draw out a stick and ask that student. (Regina Hartley)
craft sticks and a small cup

Shelf Markers

Shelf Markers double as "Name Sticks" (see above)
(Keisa Williams)
Shelf Markers are paint stir sticks donated from Home Depot. Just ask the manager of your local home depot. They are usually happy to give you a box of 1000...FREE!

Sentence Frames

Encourage students to speak in complete sentences AT ALL TIMES. Use sentence frames to help.
(Keisa Williams)

Click here to download all 9 posters (doc)

Super Listener Poster

Remind students to be SUPER listeners when someone is speaking.
(Keisa Williams)
Download the SUPER Listener Poster (PDF)

Discussion Helpers

These were devised by the amazing 4/5 team at my school, Monarch Academy. The teachers have large posters of these discussion helpers around the room. I have never posted them in the library (I will next year), but students certainly use the same language during our discussions. (Keisa Williams)
Download the PDF

Audience and Performer

Our fine Arts teacher uses this and it has become a school-wide way of encouraging our students to listen to each other. If you are answering a question or helping tell the story you are the "performer" and you do the best you can in your role. If you are watching or listening, you have a role too. You must be a good "audience." It is just as important to be a good audience as a good performer. To be a good audience in the Library we are 5-Star Listeners. We check five points our eyes, ears, lips, hands and feet. We have a poster to illustrate this. (Donna Bills)

Interactive Fruit Machine

Random name picker. Just copy and paste your students names and give the slot machine a pull. Students love to be chosen this way. (Keisa Williams)
More classtools here: http://www.classtools.net/
Fruit Machine