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Listening to directions

When you are giving directions, tell the students to place the screen at an acute angle. This way their eyes are on you.
Note: 1 of my 4th graders was so happy that he recognized this math vocabulary on the STAR test because I say it so many times in the library :)

Another strategy for listening is telling them to "fist bump" the computer (place the fist next to the trackpad and bring the screen down until it touches the fist.) The computer is now at an acute angle and you may begin speaking w/ everyone's full attention.
(Keisa Williams)

A great strategy if you have desktop computers and can't close the screen is to have students put their hands on their head. They think it's silly and it makes them smile...and it also assures you that their hands aren't typing or clicking while you give directions. (Nicole Laura)
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Ergonomics Poster

Great way to remind students of the proper way to sit while working on the computers.
Cergos: Ergonomics Poster

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