Class Appreciations

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Class Appreciations

Use these to allow your class to show appreciation for 1 student.
Entire class says the student's name as they do the appreciation:
Teacher says: Let's give Ian a applause. Then teacher and class performs the applause.
Sometimes allow students to choose which applause they want to receive :)
  • Silent CheerSign Language applause
  • Rollercoaster - Hands begin at the waist and slowly move up like a roller coaster until it gets to the top. As hands go up, students make a "choo choo" sound. Once the hands reach the top, hands go down in a rolling "U" motion as students say "woo woo"
  • Rockstar - Say the student's name as you play the air guitar.
  • Fireworks - Say the student's name, clap, and release hands like fireworks and say "piiishhhh" (firework sound...LOL)
  • Ketchup - Say the student's name, then one hand claps over a if you are trying to get ketchup out of a bottle.
  • "Cool" Snaps- Everyone snaps their fingers like after a great poem at a poetry slam ;)
  • Woosh Clap - Say the student's name, clap, and then say "Woosh" as hands move in one sweeping motion from left to right. (I stole this idea from our awesome Physical Education educator, Stephanie Roth. This looks and sounds awesome during a whole school event)
(Keisa Williams)
A poster with all of the options. You only need the word and simple clipart.

Mrs. Ludlow's 3 Claps

One of my favorite teachers, soon to retire, has her students do "3 claps." Just what it says...slow, solid claps all together. We do this whenever a student says something brilliant. I will say, "Let's give of student...Mrs. Ludlow's Three Claps" and we do this together. Everyone ends up looking at the student so he/she feels like the star he/she is. Dee Ludlow learned this technique from former Ben Davis (Indianapolis) High School football coach Dick Dullaghan. (Catherine Trinkle)
Teacher modeling. Many students never had Mrs. Ludlow but they get how to do this.

Dr. Jean's Classroom Celebration Cheer Cards

32 printable cards with descriptions of cheers. (8 per page) Print out, hole punch, and put a binder ring on them to easily flip through and refer to as needed or to change things up.
(Ann Mengel)
Cheer cards (pdf) Page
Dr. Jean Cheers (You Tube Video)

Library Challenges

When a class comes into the library I give them challenges such as reading quietly after checking out their books, following directions, teamwork skills, pushing chairs in, cleaning up their table, using shelf-markers, being good listeners during story-time, etc. I then choose one student in the class to be the judge. This student at the end of the class announces to the class if their class completed the challenges or not. I also let the students pick their own challenges, once we've done this a few times. You can also have a poster with all of the classes and award the class in each grade that got the most challenges for that month. (Jessica Munich)

Gold Medal for Good Thinking

I have a few gold medals ($1 a pkg of ten) that I keep near my teaching station. When someone asks a particularly insightful question or helps to explain something during large group or points out something I hadn't thought of, I hand them a "gold medal for good thinking" They can wear it until the end of class or the end of the day. I write out a certificate with a small bit of detail - when they turn in the medal, we trade and they get to take home the certificate. I reuse the medals. This can be particularly helpful to inspire listening/participating with others. A bit tricky to use with Kinders, but great grades 1-5! (Marcia Dressel)