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Matching Books to Readers

This blog post by Elizabeth Eastman will help young readers find a "Just Right" Book. - keisawilliams keisawilliams Nov 3, 2010
Matching Books to Readers

Brainpop Jr- Choosing a Book

In this movie you will learn how to choose a book that is just right for you. (subscription required)
- keisawilliams keisawilliams Nov 12, 2010
Choosing a Book

Good Fit Books

Watch this mini-lesson, using shoes as props, in a k-2 multiage setting.
- keisawilliams keisawilliams Nov 3, 2010

Youtube Video

Find The Right Book For You!

Enter your Lexile measure, select your interests, and find books you'd like to read! Whether you're reading for school or for pleasure, you can use this site to build a custom reading list on the subjects that interest you the most.
- keisawilliams keisawilliams Jun 15, 2011
Lexile's Find A Book Tool

Good Fit Books-bookmark (from The Daily Five)
This attachment (MS Word & PDF) is a bookmark that I give out to my students to help them choosing "GOOD FIT" books.--Lindsey M., Chattanooga, TN Librarian

The 5 finger rule:

Getting Help from Library Staff
Especially when first graders want help finding books, or fifth graders need help with research, we all LOVE the number cards. I deal from the bottom of the deck to students standing near and hoping for help. This way I don't forget anyone and the loudest most persistent don't always get my help first. When I give you a card, it means "I really want to help you but you'll have to wait until I say your number. Please keep trying until I say this number." Most effective if you just hand cards out without saying anything and continue to help just one student at a time.


This is an acronymn for discussing the many details to consider when choosing a book. I have second graders unscramble letter cards as a whole group (making two and three letter words - there are many. I have to say "that is a word you can make from these letters, but it's not in my message." Discuss how Kinders choose from just looking at the covers, but now they're bigger, they should use many clues to find books just right for them. During the blurb discussion (let them say the word three times- it's fun to say!) I tell them a story about going to bookstore with a gift certificate. I wanted to pick a book I would love because at bookstores, you can't just return it and get a new one if you didn't like it. So I read blurbs and excerpts. When we conclude and dismiss to checking out, I ask them to try using at least 4 of the 12 suggestions in CAN IT BE FOR ME? (adapted by Marcia Dressel from an LM_NET posting? long ago)
Can It Be for Me? guide - can be used as a worksheet or just teacher - guide.
The First 20 Days of School
Mini lessons and chart ideas around reading.
The First 20 Days of School (pdf)