Book Management and Inventory

Okay, we've got the routines down for working with the students in our library. Now, what about the books? Some of us are in districts that already have guidelines for everything book-related, from ordering to inventory. For others, it's a different story and we have to come up with our own way. Share what works for you regarding the physical aspect of books: acquisition, shelving, inventory, weeding, etc.



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Shelf Signs

I made my own shelf signs for the book cases this year and it has helped both the kids and those of us who shelve books. A sign at the end of each row that tells what the range is for that whole row. On each column of shelves, I put the range for just that one section. Each area in the library has a different color-coded sign border. To help the younger kids with alphabetical order, I list the letters that are in the range (for example, ABCD instead of A-D). I make the signs as PowerPoint slides and then print them on card stock and laminate/cut. Printing the PPT file as handouts gives the smaller sizes needed for the signs. Clear book tape covers the signs on the shelves. (Regina Hartley)Easy_Shelf_Sign_M-Q.png
Easy Reader Shelf Signs

PowerPoint, card stock, clear book tape

Inventory Helpers

My secret for doing inventory efficiently every year with minimum disruption to my library program daughter! She loves books and has helped me for several years, starting in middle school. I schedule inventory now around her college schedule. It makes inventory fun. Don't have a daughter? Borrow someone else's! Sons might work, too, but I have not tried it with mine.