Beginning of the Year

What does your TO DO list look like for the beginning of the school year?


TO DO List

Nancy Alibrandi

Keisa Williams
Many thanks to Nancy Alibrandi and Whoever linked to the New Librarian Info (below). Using those two documents, I created my own list. Muchas gracias comadres!
Jamie Camp
It's not a to do list, but here's a card that I created for my PK-K students, whose parents might not yet be in the habit/routine of making sure their kids' library
books get back on time each wk. It's just a reminder of their students' library day. This one matched my theme the year we "went wild" in the library.
I usually have PK-K students write their name on their card before I cut them out. Then I "laminate" the cards by putting wide tape on the front & place a small self-adhesive magnet on the back so that it's ready to go on students' refrigerators! Parents seem to like it. Very simple.

Here's a pdf version, in case the fonts don't come through correctly in the ppt version.

(jamie camp)

New Librarian Info Materials used at a new librarian orientation.
Jenny Harner
- This is specific to my school but could easily be tweaked for you! Instead of standing up for the first meeting with every class and lecturing about the procedures & how things work in the library, we played "Memory." Rather than use clipart, I typed up random things to know. I also used the cards for "Go Fish" with a couple groups. I made a set for each table group.