AV Equipment Management

Have any tips for managing AV equipment in your library? Share them here!



Items Needed

AV carts

Each year, the circulation of wheeled AV carts in my building drives me CRAZY! Teachers check them out, leave them in the hall and someone else takes them. At the end of the year, I have to locate all the carts, and NO ONE remembers ever having one! So. My solution requires 2 items that are small and cheap, but they're lifesavers!
I bought name tag covers at Office Depot (similar to the picture--you can find them at WalMart & Target too) and my hubby found me these fantastically useful reusable tiewraps, which I use for EVERYTHING! I attached one to each cart. Then I made a blue tag with the AV cart barcode # on it and tchrs name/room number. For carts that aren't checked out to anyone, I made a red tag that has barcode # and RETURN TO LIBRARY on it. At a glance, I
can see whether a cart that's sitting around in the hallway is a library cart or is checked out to someone. Simplified my life greatly! (Jamie Camp)

Ernie Ball Cable Tie Organizers--Found these on Amazon

Anything with Cords & Cables

When anyone borrows a digital camera, video camera, projector, or whatever, make sure you get back all the parts that go with it, including the cords! In the past, I have put color-coded zip ties on the cords, with a label matching it to the correct item. Many times, a teacher will return the object, but not the cables or cords. When we're in a rush, we all tend to forget this. Saves time and frustration when you want to use the video camera next but you don't have the cord to charge it or upload to your computer. Oh, the stories I could tell. (Regina Hartley)

LCD Projectors, Overhead Projectors, Carts, and Anything Else That Moves

I have barcoded every piece of equipment including LCD Projectors, Overhead Projectors, Carts, and Cassette Players. It was very time consuming up front, but now everything is in our circulation system so it is extremely useful when it comes to inventory control. Teachers can have their favorite overhead back in the Fall, as it is checked out to them (not their room number) and it helps me to see what is "surplus" as teachers come and go.